Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time for a new post October

The first picture is from my birthday dinner that my husband made for me on September 16 and the other one is on the birthday of my daughter Jennifer ( September 18)
I am doing great feeling better everyday, I am sorry for not posting but I am letting my husband do that job of posting on his blog I been rather busy :) and he is doing a great job not only helping me but also keeping all our friends and prayer partners up to date with pictures and news.
God is so good!!! All the time!!! and I am just gratefull for our family and the new baby, such a miracle to see life in a small baby, to care for her, to love her,to know that she depends on you for completely is does take you closer to the love that God has for us.
My love for my kids is not perfect but is so big that words cannot describe so I think the love that our Father in heaven has for us and it does make me humble to know that he loves me in a perfect way with a love that we can't understand, because he does love us even when we don't deserve it.
Joshua told me the other day that he knows that I love him even when he is annoying and bad :) ( his words not mine) and I am so glad that at least I am doing something right because he knows I love him and I will always love him but also gave me an opportunity to let him know God loves him more than I do and we looked for verses in the scripture about that.
We have a lot of good news when David comes back from Ecuador this weekend and he will be sharing in his blog.
Life is a little bit boring to share in the blog right now:) but even in the daily chores of being a Mom I can always see God's care and love, the strenght that he gives me so I can do my best and also the knowledge that HE is the Provider of my everyday needs and that can be a variety of things :) not only material needs.
Please keep praying for us in our journey to get ready to serve the Lord in Ecuador but also we need to remember that we always have to be ready to serve HIM even while we live our every day lives here in the USA.

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