Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally I made a new Post :)

So this will be the one for April, We moved and we are enjoying being here and also the many blessings that God is pouring in our lives.

David and I are just so in love with what God is doing here in JAARS, we don't know if we will be accepted but we are just thankful for the time we know we have here until October.

You can keep up with what is going on with him in his own blog because the only thing I know about airplanes is kind of the same that I know about cars :) they take me to point A to point B :)

I am volunteering my time at the Gift Shop in the mornings and also 1 day a week at Vernacular Media Services for translation of scripts for small movies that they use overseas.

We feel that the Lord is providing this time here at JAARS to learn, to enjoy this extra time that we have with each other and also to see first hand how the body of believers can work for HIS KINGDOM. Even when we are imperfect/sinners he does use us if we answer the call to serve HIM.

I love having the husband( David) around more, I though I was going to hate this time with him around all this extra time :) But is proving to be nice :)

I miss my sisters, but is not that hard because I know I will be back in October.

The kids enjoy being outside after doing homework and chores ( nice for me too) We started going out for a walk almost everyday after dinner.

So that is all for now if I have something interesting I will share it with you.