Thursday, June 25, 2009

June Update :)

Sorry is been more then a month since I wrote something, but Mom ( my mother in law) said that it will be a good idea to share my side of what the Lord is doing in our lives here during our stay at JAARS in NC.
This month the news are, that two of my kids ,one just turned 1 year old yesterday Jonathan and Joni Karina is turning 12 this Friday. Joshua is doing good and having piano lessons from a very gifted missionary here in our apartment complex and she is providing them for free :)

My kids are happy going to a summer program here in JAARS everyday, it runs from 8:30 am till 12pm, devotions, crafts, games and pool time :)

I am still volunteering 2 days at the gift shop and 1 day at vernacular services with the translation of the scripts, I finished with 7 but we need to have them in the right format.

This season here in JAARS is been a gift from the Lord, a spiritual retreat if you can call it that way, a season to inspire us to grow and seek our Abba Father, our Provider, trough his word in the scripture and trough prayers.

It would be a long list of blessings if I start sharing with you, but we can only Praise him at this time and we are grateful for letting us see that even in our sin he love us and cares for us.

I get to meet a lot of neat people that inspire me to serve Him, to meet people that really want to serve HIM one of them is Catherine Carpenter from Australia they are finishing here this week and going to Papua New Guinea (PNG) to serve with her husband who is a pilot, she is such a neat girl, but is hard to say goodbye we have just started to get know each other a little bit more and how God is working in our hearts.

I guess I am getting a taste of being a missionary :) getting to meet friends that feel more like sisters and brothers and I know we are!! in Christ!!! :) and then we have to say goodbye.
Hey maybe that is why David told me missionaries don't say goodbye!!! we say I will see you soon!!!!

Well at this point the only certain plan in our journey to be missionaries still the Technical Evaluation in October, we don't know which Mission Organization the Lord is going to choose for us, we have three options and they are wonderful. Please pray for wisdom and obedience in our part when the Lord reveals that to us.

We will let you know as soon as we know.

Changing subjects I think I forgot to talk about my daughter Jennifer due September 20, she is doing great, very active in my belly and I am feeling very good.
A month ago my Dr and my nutritionist were worried about my weight :) being to low, but I gained 8 pounds this month so I started with 140 stayed that way till last month, now I am 148 :)
My nutritionist said, in the chart it looks like I need to gain more weight LOL but I do eat a lot!!!but very healthy ( beans, rice, salads, soups, fruits, veggies) So she said I am fine!!!

Crazy people !!!

Well I think that is all the bring news for now,oh but I wanted to share something, To give GOD THE GLORY , we want to say Thanks to God for providing half of the money we need it for the Technical Evaluation trough a brother and sister in Christ that are very faithful to God and good stewards of the blessings the Lord provides for them, they told us they been praying (as they always do before making a financial decision) and that the Lord press upon their hearts to give that amount to us.

We were not worry about the money because we still have some stuff at home that we need to sell, but we did pray for it and we are praying for all our needs to be provided by HIM.

When we ask our friends to pray for a need that we have is not for a lack of faith, but we believe in the power of prayer, and the prayers of the saints and the power of the prayers of people that care for us and love us.

We still have the need of the rest of the money so please do pray for that, I won't give you the amount because the Lord knows what we need. :)

I don't know how many people read my blog anyways :) but when I write here is for all the people that knows me as a friend ,coworker, sister or brother in Christ or family member. Hey maybe somebody that just got the blog by mistake :)

But this blog is all about My Lord , My Savior Jesus Christ and how much I love him and how he touches my life everyday.

Mathew 6:33 "But seek first HIS KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and all this things will be given to you as well"

Chao for now!!!!