Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More updates

Yesterday I went for my first visit to see my OB Doctor and I got to see the baby #4 is amazing how God creates life, is a little gummy bear :)
I am so tired, cranky, I feel so sick, worst is allergy season, so I can add that to the list of being pregnant.
Jonathan is so good and a happy baby he takes a lot of naps during the day, so I take naps with him, I get some kind of energy around noon and after 5pm I fell tired again, Joni and Josh are a lot of help, what a blessing that is for me ( of course when they are not fighting with each other )
David is going to finish school tomorrow so that means I will have him for a couple of hours in the morning ( to bug me :) so we can start packing .
I am feeling overwhelmed I hate moving and worst I don't think I am a big helper right now. But with God everything is possible :) so I will ask for prayers in this area.
I know the move has a lot of emotions in it for so many reasons, but I am still feeling at peace about doing this.
God is providing and always faithfull even when my faith is so small sometimes, during these days I been praying a lot for others and my heart is been touch deeply with the needs that others have, we live in a world that is imperfect and full of sin and sinners like me, I don't know what I would do without the Lord's salvation and mercy in my life, I am so gratefull that God allowed me to meet HIM.
The needs of HIS people are so many, but HE is in control, my mind is so small to comprehend his will, but the only thing I know is that HE is always just, merciful and always there for his children, even when we are bad.
I cry when I know of the many needs and trials, that many of his children are enduring now, but I also pray that they can see HIS arms around them in a special way. Sometimes I do ask HIM to come soon :) well lets say almost all the time.
Well anyway these are the news for now.
Love in Christ our Savior and Redeemer

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More news !!!

We are moving !!! to NC after 11 years we are going back :) when I came from Ecuador the first state I lived in was NC,David was a marine and I didn't speak any english and I didn't drive either.
Joni was born in NC 11 years ago.
Well anyways the Lord is opening an opportunity for David and us to do an internship with great mission aviation organization that helps translators of the bible.
God is giving me peace to go, and that can only come from HIM and even now that I know I am pregnant, I think we are taking this like another step or training for the whole family, our time to serve the Lord overseas is getting closer and we are making sure we are prepared with prayers and taking every need and every decision to HIM first.
Please pray for us if you read this blog, we want to go where he needs us and we know he will provide peace wherever we go.