Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March News

Well we are moving, we are out of our house and staying with GreatGram until our move to NC this saturday the 28 of March.
We are tired, I been sick, Joni and Jonathan also are sick with the cold and of course Gram is sick now :(
I am going to try to update at least once a month from now on.
Joan and Joni are excited to move to NC, thank God for that provision !!!
I am a mixture of feelings now because I am pregnant and my sisters are very close to me and I will miss them.
But God knows better and I know this is part of his training also and HE is so good to us that he knows we need this before we leave overseas.
So many smal details that you have to remember when you are moving and that can be so stressfull but I will trust and put those in his hands.
I don't want to take away the blessings that he will pour over us, I don't mean material blessings by this, but the blessing of enjoying to be in HIS will, to be near HIM and that happens a lot when you trust and obey just like the song. :)
Baby # 4 is doing fine so far even with Mami feeling so sick not from him/her but from the allergies that been so hard on me this season.
David is excited and looking forward to learn and be a real mechanic :)
He doesn't need it to be a missionary pilot but it will make me feel so much better to know that he knows the engine that he will fly over whatever jungle he is going to be :)
Friends and family members are excited for us but they know after this trip,we will be taking another one that will take us away for at least 4 years.
So they are not ready to say goodbye yet.
God is been good to us during this time of change.

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